Guinea Pig Helpline

Available 24/7 for URGENT enquiries.

For all non-urgent queries, such as holiday boarding, adoption, care classes, and care advice queries where our website does not answer your question, please only call during the day.



We handle rescues or surrenders with care and sensitivity. If you are thinking of surrendering your guinea pig(s) or are concerned about neglect, please contact us on the Guinea Pig Help & Advice Line

The Atwood Family, who came in for a Care Class and Adoption in February 2018


Cavy Corner has rescued well over a thousand guineas and successfully re-homed many hundreds into 5-star, loving homes with forever families. We only adopt recovered guineas to homes where they will be cherished so we make no apologies that our adoption process is quite strict!

Care Class

Care Classes

We run care classes for those thinking about adopting a guinea pig, and as part of our adoption process for new owners. The class covers things such as how to house your piggies, what to feed them, the importance of fresh hay, handling piggies, basic health checks amongst other things.


School and Group Visits

Cavy Corner has visited schools and community groups to give interactive, educational talks about guinea pigs, as well as offering the opportunity to meet a guinea.

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us to find out more.


Holiday Boarding

If you’re going away and want to make sure that your piggie is well-looked after, we offer holiday boarding at the price of £4 per night per piggie. You can rest assured that they will get 5-star treatment by knowledgeable folk who love guineas as much as you do!

Please contact us for more information.

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