Financial Donations

Cavy Corner relies on donations and fundraising to continue to provide the care we do for our guineas.  The money not only funds the next rescue but pays for veterinary care, medicines, hay, bedding, food, vegetables and much more.

You can make a one off donation via paypal, and choose the amount you wish to donate. You can send paypal donations to

Alternatively, if you wish to give more regularly to Cavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary you can set up a standing order with your bank. For details on this process, please email

I'd like this amount to  


Corporate Sponsorship

If you or your business would like to sponsor or partner with Cavy Corner, please contact us by email

Donations of Gifts and Items

At Cavy Corner we always need items for our guineas.

We frequently require:

  • Bottle brushes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nice hay
  • Hay based treats or toys
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Puppy pads
  • Fresh vegetables/salad (not iceberg lettuce, citrus fruits or grapes)

Our Amazon Wishlist is a great way to donate items that Cavy Corner needs/uses and this is updated regularly.  These are products we regularly and safely use here at the rescue and of course those products can be bought from other retailers too.  If you can do it through Amazon Smile it will be a double donation too (see Supporting Cavy Corner Online).

If you do want to send something not shown on our (safe) list above or on the Amazon Wishlist please contact us to check its suitability with us first. The last thing we want is anyone spending their hard earned money on something the guineas can’t have (and then we feel sad for you too)

We also accept new items for our tombolas, and prizes to be raffled at events.

If you have gifts you would like to donate in person please contact us.

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Cavy Corner gets a lot of its finances from fundraising events such as the Fun Shows and Galas. There are several ways you can help with these such as giving your time by volunteering, making crafts, baking or donating other items to sell, for the tombola or raffle.

However, you might also want to set up your own fundraising event such as a sponsored silence or by running a coffee morning. If you have an idea or need people to help you, please get in contact with us so we can help.