Cavy Corner Pignics

The Pignic is an annual event and is a relaxed afternoon where you can bring your guinea pigs along and choose to chat with other guinea pig lovers or just relax with friends and family.

What to expect

You can expect to experience an informal, relaxed atmosphere on a luscious green lawn with lots of people who adore guineas!  Unfortunately, although we do our best to make the afternoon a great event, we cannot guarantee the weather!

There will also be a raffle, refreshments where you can buy home-made cakes and other stalls selling gifts/souvenirs to raise funds for Cavy Corner.


What to bring


We cater for the guineas by providing lovely grass, and perhaps a dandelion or two, for them to munch on for their picnic. Human guests can buy our delicious home-made cakes and buns and drinks from our refreshments stall.

You will need to bring your own secure cage top, run or playpen so that your guineas can enjoy the grass, water, food, shelter and anything else your guineas need to be safe and comfortable.

You might want to bring a small gazebo or shelter – don’t forget to bring something to shade the guinea pigs (and you!) from the sunshine as well as your own sunglasses, hat and sunscreen!


All are welcome with or without their guinea pigs meaning that potential new pet owners can come along to seek out information in advance, and those travelling long distances can enjoy the day without their guineas travelling too.

All guinea pigs and skinny pigs are welcome but it’s up to you to decide if it is right for your pet(s). For example we have a few resident guineas who don’t go out because they might become stressed, but many really do relish the day out.  Unfortunately other small pets and larger, furry pets including cats and dogs are not allowed.


The Pignic is held at Loversall Hall. Many thanks to the Wright Family for letting us use their lawn!

How Pignics help Cavy Corner

There is a raffle, small gift stall and refreshments which help raise money for Cavy Corner.  It is also another opportunity to raise awareness, share what we do and recruit new volunteers!

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is of paramount importance and it is important that all pets attending, along with the Cavy Corner Guineas are safe and comfortable throughout. Ultimately it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times but our volunteers will also be keeping an eye out to ensure this happens.