I have recommended Cavy Corner to everyone who says they are interested in getting piggies! I’m forever saying Adopt Don’t Shop!! The best service, with lots of after care and support with any questions and they couldn’t have been more helpful! Also I absolutely loved coming to see where all the magic happens!! I adopted Ivy 1st May 2017. He is now loved every single day!! Thanks to the lovely people at Cavy Corner!

Lorna Brown

Can’t thank Cavy Corner enough for bonding my guinea to a new friend after sadly losing her old companion… such lovely, kind and caring people that offer fantastic advice and support.

Dawn Scarfe

Fantastic place. Got our pair of boys from here and received lots of help and advice along the way. Been back since for them to board for a few days and they were really looked after in a good sized cage. Recommend for boarding and for those looking to adopt.

Nicky Clarkson
Adopter and Boarding Client

Cannot recommend this fantastic sanctuary enough… we have had 5 Guineas from Cavy Corner and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sue and Winston are the most loving and caring people! We have never chosen our Guineas, Sue and Winston have always chosen the ones that we most suit as well as who suit us most

Han Ross

Without Sue and her dedicated volunteers it’s dreadful to think what would have become of her beloved guinea pigs. Sue is beyond a doubt, the most caring and knowledgable lady I know, who gives her all to look after these little piggies. They are kept in a five star environment and are truly pampered, each have their own story behind them, some of which are heartbreaking. The piggies are very happy and squeak with delight. Helpful advice and a soft caring nature to everyone, thanks Sue and everyone at Cavy Corner, my piggies have lovely trimmed nails.

Alison Machen

My daughter and I visited for a Guinea care class last week and can not wait to adopt our gorgeous duo from Cavy Corner! A big thumbs up from us! Great advice, lovely people, happy Guineas!

Emma Cressey

Such a wonderful place, sue really does love the little pigs and I couldn’t believe how amazing her knowledge was, couldn’t recommend cavy corner any more without them I wouldn’t own two beautiful Guineas x

Amber Charity

We got our piggies from here Sue and Winston helped us choose the best piggies for us and made sure we were well informed of how to care for our new pets. We have had lots of support help and advice since and go back for nail cutting. The guineapigs are really loved and cared for.

Stacey Joyes

A fantastic place, full of happy, exceptionally well-cared for guineas. Sue went above and beyond to introduce our bereaved piggy to a new companion and answered all our questions. After a few hours we were able to bring them both home with the knowledge that she’s just at the end of the telephone should we need her. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you.

Sarah Ingall

Our 3 guineas have boarded at Cavy Corner for the past week-we picked them up earlier today. Took them last Sunday having the peace of mind that they’d be looked after well. We missed them whilst away but knew they were in safe hands. All 3 girls were housed together in a lovely big cage, full of hay. A big thanks to Sue, Winston & team of volunteers who’ve cared for them. A fabulous holiday home to board your guineas

Beverley Ann Harpwood
Boarding Client

Cavy Corner has been a great supporter of our students and our college, Communication Specialist College Doncaster. To be able to help our young people understand about the world of work, we arrange work experience with local employers, businesses and charities to give our students a real hands on experience. Cavy Corner has generously offered our students the chance to attend work experience placements with them. Cavy Corner staff have worked hard to ensure that our students are fully comfortable within the environment, help students understand what is expected of them within their role and give them the opportunity to be hands on as part of a working team in looking after the wonderful guinea pigs that reside there. Not only does this experience give our students something to look forward to each week, it builds their confidence, allows them to build up working relationships with others outside of college, it helps them develop new skills and it allows them to consider possible avenues of volunteering or work for the future. Our working relationship is going from strength to strength and long may this continue.

Lianne Wood
Employment Liaison Officer
Communication Specialist College
Tel: 01302 386711

Cavy Corner is an absolute haven for guinea pigs and their owners. Run by two exceptionally knowledgeable and super kind people, Cavy Corner is a safe, warm and friendly guinea rescue full to the brim with fantastic piggies of all shapes and sizes. I went to Cavy Corner when I needed a friend for my new rescue piggie Seth. I was made to feel very welcome and Seth was treated like the VIP he is! ? We found a lovely new addition to our little family – a baby piggie called Pip – and we have had lots of fantastic support and advice since, via facebook messages from Cavy Corner. I’m so thrilled that they’re getting a new bespoke rescue centre, they’re so deserving.