To date, Cavy Corner has rescued well over a thousand guineas and successfully re-homed many hundreds into 5-star, loving homes with forever families. We only adopt recovered guineas to homes where they will be cherished so we make no apologies that our adoption process is quite strict!

We currently have many tame, healthy, beautiful Cavies (another name for guineas) waiting for their forever home… could it be you? Read on to find out more.

4 Easy Steps To Adoption

Step 1

Contact Cavy Corner by phone, email or Facebook Instant Messaging.

Step 2

We will arrange for one of our Home Visit Volunteers to visit you at home as we like to know where the guineas will be living and this helps us match you with the perfect piggies for your family.

Step 3

We invite you over for a free Guinea Care Class where we show you the practical essentials of guinea care and most importantly, how to complete a basic guinea health check. It is easy to make mistakes where guineas are concerned so spending an hour or two learning about guineas is time well spent.

Step 4

You visit Cavy Corner to meet and take home your adopted piggies. An Adoption Fee is payable as this helps to fund the next rescue.

Our Rules

To ensure our piggies continue to live happily in their new home with you there are some rules which you must agree to when signing the adoption agreement

  • Guineas must live inside as part of the family
  • Strictly no breeding
  • Loving homes only
The Atwood Family, who came in for a Care Class and Adoption in February 2018
The Atwood Family, who came in for a Care Class and Adoption in February 2018

Why adopt rather than buy?

There are thousands of beautiful guinea pigs in rescues like Cavy Corner all over the country just waiting for a loving forever home. Sadly, rescues are full to bursting and already this year we have seen especially large numbers of guineas needing help. Below are just some of the reasons you should adopt, rather than buy your piggies.

The Atwood Family, who came in for a Care Class and Adoption in February 2018
The Atwood Family, who came in for a Care Class and Adoption in February 2018
  • Guinea Pigs can live a long time – 6 to 8 years on average but the oldest guinea in the world was 17! So with the right care (and a little luck) you will have a long lasting relationship with your adopted pet. Cavy Corner generally adopts younger guineas to new owners, unless an owner specifically requests an elderly pig. The older piggies live out their days in luxury at Cavy Corner!
  • Adult guineas have already developed character and personality and will be easier to handle. Cavy Corner ensures that all their piggies get regular handling and cuddles so your piggie will already be tame.
  • We provide ongoing advice support and information via our Cavy Corner Guinea Helpline.
  • The Adoption Fee you pay for adopting piggies from Cavy Corner helps fund the rescue so we can help the next injured or neglected guinea.
  • A bonding service is available too. If you have lost one of your piggies, Cavy Corner can try and bond your remaining guinea with a new friend properly to ensure they are compatible. Sue has many successes with bonding meaning that piggies live in harmony, something which may not happen if you introduce a new guinea yourself.
  • Guineas in rescues deserve a second chance of happiness… are you the perfect person to provide it?
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