Cavy Corner Fundraiser - August 2020

During Lockdown Cavy Corner has rescued 136 guinea pigs, along with existing residents this means a huge number are in our care.
Cavy Corner relies heavily on fundraising for the day to day running costs of the sanctuary. Ways we raise funds include holding our own events such as the picnic and the small and furry fun show.
Due to social distancing and lockdown we have been unable to hold any face to face events.
Before lockdown we were weeks away from our small and furry pet show and had all of the items that would have been for sale and or raffle prizes. We want all of these items to find loving homes so we thought the best way would be to have an online auction.
We hope our Facebook followers will help support us so we can continue the work that we do and help as many guineas as possible. Ways to help are to bid on the items we will be listing, send a donation or just like comment and share our posts. Please remember every penny does count.


How the Auction will work

Daily there will be a few items listed, these will be listed for 1 week and will close at midnight the following week, this will include a photograph of the item itself being modelled by an adorable Cavy Corner resident (unfortunately they are not included)
If you wish to place a bid on an item simply comment under the picture the amount you wish to pay. Once the auction is over, we will tag the winner at the bottom of the post so they are aware.
We will then send you a message detailing the amount for the item plus the postage, which will be worked out once we know where to send the item.
Payments are to be made to the directly to the Cavy Corner bank account, PayPal is accepted but a direct payment is preferred.
Finally, if you wish to send a photograph with your auction win then please feel free.
A few points to add:
  • Many of the listed items have been lovingly crafted by our hard working volunteers.
  • If you are local then we can arrange for you to collect your item (with social distancing measures in place).
  • This auction is open to everyone, please ONLY bid if you intend to pay if you win!
Thank you, and good luck.