Our Stories 2

Brave and Sacha

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Brave was one of a large number of guineas rescued from appalling conditions in September. She was little more than a baby herself, like most of the females rescued, she was pregnant and in very poor condition. With a large abscess and a massive head tilt she gave birth to her babies just days after arriving. She was very weak and needed syringe feeding for a long time. Despite being so poorly herself she was a good Mum and her babies thrived.. The head tilt was caused by infection and there were doubts about whether she pull through. She was brave and she was determined to live and that’s how she got her name. Today she is still smaller than average and has periods when her head tilt is more pronounced but mostly she is fit and well. Her hair has grown long and she is a beautiful guinea. And she eats and drinks for herself now. She adores being cuddled though she does have a tendency to bite but that’s understandable given what she went though. Her babies are both fit and well. Sacha, a girl lives with Brave and she is confident and big. Her son Niblet went to live with friends of ours.



Moon also arrived in September but from a different place to Brave. Housed in a tiny wooden box not much bigger than a shoe box she had not had a good life. Immediately it was clear that she had a badly bulging eye. She was taken to the vet who started treatment straight away. There was concern that it would rupture. It had been left untreated and Moon was in a lot of pain. With time she has grown in size and confidence. Moon sadly has lost the sight in her eye but is otherwise well. Her previous experiences have left her terrified of other guineas so she lives alone but she enjoys cuddles and is quite calm now.

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Moon’s tip:

Early treatment can prevent many conditions from becoming serious.
Please … take your pet to a vet if they become unwell.



It was snowing, nearly Christmas, I was cold …. so cold. In an indoor cage in an open shed, no shelter or bedding for warmth. I was feeling sad, un-cared for and unloved. I was fed on frozen vegetables – straight from a packet. My skin had sores all over. I was thin and in a sorry state. They said I was a boy. I knew of course that I was girl. The guinea pig and rabbit that lived with me had already died and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.
And then they came! They took me home, fed me and warmed me up. I was cuddled, bathed and weighed …. “less than 800g” they said. It took a long time for the open sores to heal. But I quickly discovered fresh veg which I adore. In time my hair grew glossy and thick and I filled out. “Lets call her Jingle” they said – I liked the sound of that cheerful name. I was happy and getting healthier with every carrot I munched. I found that I loved being cuddled and fussed and in January a handsome Piggie named Bobble arrived and soon after his “snip” we moved in together. We get along well. They say I am gentle, full of character and very beautiful.


Jingle Says:

Guinea pigs cant make vitamin C so it’s vital that we have a good diet including fresh vegetables every day and good quality hay to wear our teeth down.