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Sally tells her story

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I am a very lucky guinea pig and my name is Sally. Unlike many of the guineas here I have never known cruelty or neglect. I was loved and cared for by my family but the birth of baby twins meant there was no time left over for me and I came to Cavy Corner. I did live alone but now live happily with Grace and Ginny and Checker who is a neutered boy. We are having a great time together.

Wombat’s Tale

Easter Bank holiday 2009 I was in a cramped box in a noisy busy livestock auction. I didn’t look well and I was very smelly (phew) The Cavy Slaves spotted me and stood for ages to bid for me (they don’t buy guinea pigs but thankfully they made an exception for me!) They bought me and took me to the Sanctuary where they discovered just what a dreadful state I was in. My claws had grown so long that they had curled and grown into the flesh of my feet. It was very sore so I didn’t move about which meant I lay in my own waste. My skin was sore, my hair thin and patchy with great bald patches on my snout and body. My ears were hard and cracked like old leather and many of my whiskers had shrivelled and fallen out. I was skinny and very hungry. I had green grunge in my mouth… I had mites and was blind. They named me Wombat and it really suited me. I was a very poorly piggie indeed and needed round the clock attention. I responded well to treatment and cuddles, steadily gained weight, my skin and feet healed and my hair grew back thick and shiny. Although of course I am still blind, that doesn’t stop me running around enjoying myself. I was introduced to GP and we live happily together. I am very popular at events and enjoy getting out and about and I almost cant remember those dark days……. What a different life I lead now. Wombat’s TIP: When claws are left to grow too long the quick continues to grow too which makes it very difficult to get short. Little and often is the most effective way of trimming claws.

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Wombat had 6 months of comfort, good health and much love but his experiences sadly took a toll and he sadly slipped away on 4/9/09. He was a special brave trusting piggie who will always be remembered fondly by his sponsors and everyone at Cavy Corner.


Wellington and Basil’s Story

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I lived in a West Yorkshire village along with my Son in a tiny dirty cage more suited to a hamster. I can’t remember ever it being cleaned out….. They just put a new layer of newspaper on top once in a while. Our water bottle was green and crusty. We had very little to eat. The Cavy Slaves came to get us and brought us to the Sanctuary and gave us names. I look like I have little boots on so I became Wellington. They gave us a bath as we were pretty grubby, put us in a warm clean comfortable cage and offered us food and water. We were very careful to ration our food out ……after all we didn’t know when our next meal would come. One day soon after we arrived we each had a few mouthfuls of food and then Basil went back to the bowl to get some more – I quickly told him off – “No Basil….It has to last!” I said snapping at him “Dad” he said “Its OK…. they keep bringing more” And he was right! Three times a day there was fresh food, Hay or juicy veggies and always a fresh supply of clean water. “Dad” said Basil “Is this Guinea Heaven?” “No Son…….. It’s Cavy Corner” I replied.