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The next fun show is : Sunday 22nd April 2018 – 12-4pm.  Click here to find out more! 

The brand New Logo no borderCavy Corner Guinea Sanctuary was established in the summer of 2008 as a Charitable Trust and was the result of a childhood love of cavies (another name for Guinea Pigs). It started with two guineas Clover and GP who were bought as pets. We quickly became devoted cavy slaves and discovered just how many Guinea Pigs there are who need a safe loving home and the Sanctuary was born.

Cavy Corner rescues abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted guinea pigs in addition to taking in piggies with special needs either because of poor health or behaviour. We nurse them back to good health and find the perfect family for them or provide them with a loving forever home here. The guineas in our care are very much loved and cherished. We have also given homes to guineas when changes in circumstances mean a family can no longer keep their cavy. Cavy Corner is a completely voluntary organisation run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers. We have no paid staff.

In the summer of 2014 we became a Registered Charity.

In December 2014 we won Community Group Of the Year


Cage cleaning, feeding, cleaning water bottles, nail clipping, grooming and cuddling the guineas are just some of the daily routine duties.
Volunteers also help raise much needed funds at town gala’s and village fete’s. We host our own events like the annual Guinea Pigs Pignic and the Enchanted Guinea Pigs Christmas Grotto and our Small and Furry Fun Pet Show is generally held twice yearly. We also make Pets as Therapy visits to residential homes and Educational Visits into Schools and visit Brownie and Cub and Beaver Scout Groups.
Giving advice and answering queries that come through to our telephone Guinea Helpline keeps us busy too.

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