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Cavy Corner has been a great supporter of our students and our college, Communication Specialist College Doncaster. To be able to help our young people understand about the world of work, we arrange work experience with local employers, businesses and charities to give our students a real hands on experience. Cavy Corner has generously offered our students the chance to attend work experience placements with them. Cavy Corner staff have worked hard to ensure that our students are fully comfortable within the environment, help students understand what is expected of them within their role and give them the opportunity to be hands on as part of a working team in looking after the wonderful guinea pigs that reside there. Not only does this experience give our students something to look forward to each week, it builds their confidence, allows them to build up working relationships with others outside of college, it helps them develop new skills and it allows them to consider possible avenues of volunteering or work for the future. Our working relationship is going from strength to strength and long may this continue.

Lianne Wood
Employment Liaison Officer
Communication Specialist College
Tel: 01302 386711


Cavy Corner is an absolute haven for guinea pigs and their owners. Run by two exceptionally knowledgeable and super kind people, Cavy Corner is a safe, warm and friendly guinea rescue full to the brim with fantastic piggies of all shapes and sizes. I went to Cavy Corner when I needed a friend for my new rescue piggie Seth. I was made to feel very welcome and Seth was treated like the VIP he is! 🙂 We found a lovely new addition to our little family – a baby piggie called Pip – and we have had lots of fantastic support and advice since, via facebook messages from Cavy Corner. I’m so thrilled that they’re getting a new bespoke rescue centre, they’re so deserving.

Thanks Cavy Corner from Rachael, Seth and Pip.




Cavy Corner Guinea Pig Sasha Meets The Mayor


Tibetan Monk Llama Ossar visited the Sanctuary to bless the guineas.

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