Adopting From Cavy Corner

Kite and Pixie Adopted from Cavy Corner by Vet Brenda

To date Cavy Corner has rescued well over a thousand guineas and successfully rehomed many hundreds into 5 star, loving homes with forever families. We adopt recovered guineas to homes where they will be cherished. And currently have many tame, healthy, beautiful Cavies (another name for guineas) waiting for their forever home.

Our Rules

Guineas to live inside as part of the family

Strictly no breeding

Loving homes only


4 Simple Steps To Adopting

  1. Contact Cavy Corner by Phone, Email or Facebook
  2. We visit you at home as we like to know where the guineas will be living and this helps us match you with the perfect piggies for your family.
  3. We invite you over for a free Guinea Care Class where we show you the practical essentials of guinea care and most importantly, how to complete a basic guinea health check. It’s easy to make mistakes where guineas are concerned so spending an hour or two is time well spent.
  4. You visit Cavy Corner to meet and take home your adopted piggies. Adoption fee payable as this helps to fund the next rescue. Bonding service available too.

We provide ongoing advice support and information via our Cavy Corner Guinea Helpline 01302 787509

Why ADOPT rather than buy?

There are thousands of beautiful guinea pigs in rescues like Cavy Corner all over the country just waiting for a loving forever home. Sadly Rescues are full to bursting and already this year we have seen especially large numbers of guineas needing help.

Guinea Pigs can live a long time – 6 to 8 years as an average but the oldest guinea in the world was 17! So with the right care (and a little luck) you will have a long lasting relationship with your adopted pet.

Adult guineas have already developed character and personality and will be easier to handle.

Guineas in rescues deserve a second chance of happiness… are you the perfect person to provide it?
The Adoption Fee you pay helps fund the rescue so we can help the next injured or neglected guinea.



Womble bonded with Wombat who was adopted in February 2015

What Adopters Say:

I first heard of Cavy Corner through a friend and decided that my piggy Womble would love a little company.

The first step after the initial contact was a home check from the wonderful Janet, one of Cavy Corners many fantastic volunteers. Janet was very informative and rather keen on Womble (I’m surprised we managed to keep him and he didn’t end up being smuggled out in Janets bag). We were very pleased when we got the go ahead to adopt one of the little wonders from Cavy Corner.

Janet explained that Sue and Winston do a befriending service to ensure a perfect match, a bit like Take Me Out but with guinea pigs!!! Knowing we were taking our boy to such careful and experienced people put any doubts about matching two boys up to rest..

So off we went to Cavy Corner, heaven in a house in my opinion, to meet Sue and Winston and there many rescue piggies from all sorts of backgrounds, many having suffered horrific abuse, a tear or two were shed at the stories. Sue was kind enough to give us a little tour and introduction to the piggies currently residing there.

Then came dating time, having introduced Womble to Sue for a cuddle the process began. Winston and Sue selected a tiny male piggy from the many babies they look after. Next tiny piggy was given a sniff of Womble and introduced to him, I seriously think it was love at first sight, or smell. Time was taken on Sues knee to ensure there was no animosity or cause for concern, Bingo it worked, tiny snuggled under Wombles fabulous furriness.

Leaving the boys to it in the carrier, Sue then introduced Paul and I to the Skinny Pigs, other than seeing Skinnies on the internet we had never seen or experienced them before. We were both take aback by how warm they were and friendly, gorgeous little things that are often bought as a novelty that then wears off and people get bored of!!!

Finally we discussed the wonderful work Cavy Corner do, from educating children at schools about cruelty and keeping piggies to promoting the love of guineas in shops. I am hooked and hope to help out whereever possible.

All I can say is thank goodness for the love, generosity and enthusiam Sue and Winston and not forgetting their wonderful team of volunteers have. These littles guys and gals that are so often overlooked as a childs pet at the bottom of the garden, sometimes just forgotten about.

Guinea pigs are characters that until you have one you won’t understand.

And as for Womble and tiny who is now Wombat, all is going swimmingly.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Victoria (Feb 2015) 





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