Baby Roo this one

Q: What are your opening times? Can I visit the Sanctuary?

A: In order to keep the animals secure and to prevent animals being dumped without notice where they may not be found for hours we do not publish our adddress. To give the animals routine and enable Volunteers to work safely, free from interuption, we are not open to the general public for unplanned visits. Appointments can be made for adoptions, Guinea Care Classes and visits by arrangement.


Q: How can I become a Volunteer? What is the minimum age?

A: Please telephone for an informal chat and we will explain the role and arrange a visit. We usually say 12 years as a minimum. We are actively recruiting new Volunteers

Q: What are the benefits of Volunteering at Cavy Corner?

A:  A new circle of friends, learning useful skills, building confidence, having fun,  learning how to care for the animals, opportunity to make a difference, a way of having contact with the guineas. References and work experience. No one gets paid.


Q:What is your Adoption Policy?

A: We make no apologies that it is quite strict. We make a friendly home visit which will help us match the right guinea/s for you and we only ever rehome to 5 star loving homes where guineas will be cherished and live as part of the family. Indoor homes only and a no breeding rule ( It’s not about how large your home is or the size of your garden)

Q: How can I help Cavy Corner, what can I do?

A: In many ways, send a donation, volunteer, Sponsor a Guinea, publicize, attend or host a fundraising event, donate an item for raffle, gift essential and usefull supplies such as food, fresh veg, kitchen rolls, hand sanitizer, towels etc.

Q: What is the Guinea Helpline for?

A: Advice and information on guinea care and well being, syringe feeding, bonding guineas, suitable cages, adopting, surrendering, holiday boarding, neglect cases, general advice and support following queries from guinea keepers new or experienced. Empathy and practical advice following the loss of a guinea. And much more…. If we can help we will.